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Bite It & Write It!: A Guide to Keeping Track of What You Eat & Drink


Nutrition is an evolving field, so counseling strategies and dietary plans greatly vary, and many are unsuccessful or simply unrealistic. But there is a strategy that works. It can be summed up in only three words: Writing it down. Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage disease, or simply be healthier, keeping track of what you eat and drink in a journal is an effective way to change your dietary habits and choices for the better. 
The consistent success of this strategy is the basis for Bite It and Write It, a structured food journal and easy-to-follow nutrition guide developed by four nutritionists who have used the technique in their own counseling practices. The book presents ten healthy goals (one for each week of the journal) and lets you record your daily food consumption, water intake, and physical activity as you work towards them. To help you along the way, the authors supply a wealth of nutritional advice that will empower you to change the way you think about food and become more committed to improving your health. Getting in the habit of writing down what you eat is the beginning of true lifestyle change, and Bite It and Write It makes it possible for you to take this essential first step.  
• Use the daily food logs to track your intake of calories, carbohydrates, sodium, and water; record calorie-burning activities; and reflect on your progress or goals. 
• Learn how to properly plan, prepare, and portion your meals and snacks. 
• Find out how to navigate high-calorie restaurant menus and snack-filled supermarket aisles for healthier options. 
• Consult calorie guides for commonly consumed foods, concession stand snacks, and chain restaurant cuisine. 
• Discover creative ways to replace eating with fun activities--and say goodbye to your days of overeating, emotional eating, and mindless eating. 
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